Darla Detwiler is the math teacher at W.P. Kimmel. The Mathematics Program is designed to keep all students on track with the sending schools. The pace of these courses is determined by student comprehension of the subject matter.


All students are given the opportunity to succeed with strategies designed to reach all skill levels and learning styles. The standards-based lessons are designed to prepare the students for the PSSA, Keystone, and other high-stakes tests.


Technology and hands-on learning techniques are incorporated into the classroom to motivate students to learn and to manage the classroom with maximum effectiveness.


Grade 7 works on a Pre-Algebra Course. Grade 8 has an Algebra Course. Applied Algebra II is taught to 9th. 10th graders have Geometry. The 11/12th Grades learn an Algebra III course for the first semester and a Trigonometry course for the second semester.